Auto Insurance Grid Rate Calculator

The calculation of your maximum premium for basic coverage is dependent on the following factors:  
  1. Level of third party liability coverage. The Grid offers third party liability limits up to $2,000,000; any additional limits above this amount must be obtained through an excess insurance policy or umbrella policy;
  2. Where you live;
  3. Date which driver's license received – this is the date you initially received your class 5 driver's license;
  4. Length of license suspension/cancellation(s) – the total number of months that driver's licensed has been suspended, cancelled or revoked within the past 15 years;
  5. The number of at-fault claims in the last six years and of that number, how many occurred in the last three years (at-fault claims surcharge table);
  6. The number of driving convictions, which include traffic safety and serious convictions in the last three years and criminal code convictions in the last four years (conviction surcharge table).
  7. The calculation is based on the actual information that has been entered; incorrect information will result in an inaccurate Grid step and resulting premium being displayed. The calculator results can only be considered as a reference. You should ask your insurance provider for your current Grid step as it might be affected by claims that occurred more than fifteen (15) years ago, which would result in a different Grid step than would be developed by the calculator.
Select Yes if ANY of the following situations apply to you. Otherwise Select No.
  • New to Alberta:
  • Never been insured in Alberta under your own or anyone else's automobile insurance policy.
  • Just received your class 5 Alberta Driver's License.
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Third Party Liability:  
Date Which Driver's License Received:  
Driver Training:  
License Suspension/Cancellation(s):  
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Criminal Convictions (within 4 years):  
The premium calculated below includes the selected level of third party liability and accident benefits coverage.

Grid Step:  
Conviction/At-Fault Claim Surcharge:  

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